• Distributed Ledger system for eTransaction DLSeT (LokChain) Nov, 2017 Provisional 62584736
  • SDK and API for developers
  • Products:
  • Universal Wallet Address-software utility built with SDK
  • This is an encrypted addressing system which marries the biometrics, what one has, and what one knows to present a string verified by the community through prove of work. This is an ‘alphnumericspecialchar’ of max 32.
  • Authentication API -software utility
  • This is a cross platform API developed to allow other enterprises and/organization easy registration using Lokdon for secured all encrypted profile creation.
  • End-point to end-point cryptography system for mobile and IoT (ECSMID) Jan, 2017, Jan, 2018 Non-Provisional 62448560
  • Industrial Internet Encryption System 1.0 (IIES1) Apr, 2018 Provisional 62661765

When you consider #1 invention we solved major constraints In Blockchain --> we call it LokChain™ . See below:

  • No need of broadcasting the message: Message are sent to vetted users
  • 2,000,000 transactions/s -->>2,000,000 transaction/s 1024Bytes/transaction 60s/min * [1 min/block] = 122.8GB/block-->122.8GB/MIN
  • The transaction manager holding the ledger is updated immediately
  • Mining is wasteful and uses a lot of power
  • We avoid the block limitation by using alternative crypto
  • There is a large degree of anonymity (100%) if you choose
  • Node keep their Lok transactions = Block, only this time block doesn’t have 10mins constraint (it is not limited )
  • Transaction are confirmed before sending funds, this cuts out mining