It excludes irrelevant features which may not apply in Blockchain for emerging markets:

  • A.Mining cost of electric power
  • B.Centralization perpetuates third party
  • C.Trust management

To solve all issues a business may have

  • A.Security
  • B.Privacy
  • C.Transparency
  • D.Scalability

To bring ubiquity on blockchain

  • A.Remove Latency problems
  • B.Remove Low throughput problems
  • C.Remove scalability problems

Smart Contract

  • Here in, digital assets are directly controlled by automation or lines of codes via initial agreement, to perform certain functions particularly when triggered. The trigger points could be set by arbitrary rules or even LokChain™ -based "decentralized autonomous organizations" leveraging their association to affect these contract agreements.

Decentralized Application (dapp)

  • This refers to removal of the control held by a central organization or location over applications. The ideas allow all to publish their unstoppable application absent a third party. Users should have control over the data they share on the network. Master ledger is only a yardstick cloned by all nodes. Any node can update its ledger from another node’s ledger content, as long as that one is the most current.

Smart Transaction

  • Here in, every party in the ecosystem has agreed on a sales bound by 1. smart contract, 2. smart property. When the values agreed are transferred fully to smart satisfaction. We can say that a smart transaction has just been fully negotiated. The nodes involved completes the transaction from start to finish there is no need for mining here.

Quantum Immunity

  • The use of a high-level encryption (2048 Bits) mechanism that is immune to attack by quantum computing.

Smart Property

  • Here in, your physical (phone, house, Gold, diamond, car etc.,) and soft-assets (cloud-based machines, virtual money and shares in companies) can effectively be reduced to pieces of unique strings embedded with your biometrics; This will remove fraud and create an environment where trade is free absent fear or distrust. A smart property will bring about a smart contract and a smart transaction. None will be wary to buy a smart property from you. Trades that never would have taken place online will now be accepted conscientiously. People will have confidence in lieu of less trust when engaging in smart property sales.

IoT in the Chain

  • We are determined to solve the future problems arising from billions of internet nodes and devices remaining constantly online. Blockchain technology made this possible. We want to achieve the most unprecedented digital barter the world had ever experienced through a seamless end-point-to-endpoint cryptographic security. We thought it wise to secure what we have seen over the years, before any serious development. We used secret key infrastructure (SKI) and many vital features of ours as a thread, binding the best of the three worlds:
  • -Smart Asset
  • -Gossip protocol, a-Byzantine Fault Tolerance
  • -Local consensus
  • We are giving the world LokChain. The first 2048 Bits Encryption Blockchain Platform. This platform will accomplish the needs of the common man.