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LokChain - The only 2048 Bits Encryption Blockchain built for Scaling and interoperability.

LokChain Platform

LokChain platform is a ready made, high functionality, high performance software accelerator which comes with some consumable solutions in terms of the technologies and protocols. It focuses on cryptographically secure integration of blockchain, mobile and the IoT ecosystem. This platform includes a serverless operating system with permission and permission-less blockchain using a secret key infrastructure (SKI) that is able to deliver quantum immunity for small scale users, enterprises, decentralized applications and internet of things (IoT). hybrid Distributed Ledger Technology developed on our suite of technologies includes NEM (Smart Asset), Hashgraph (Gossip protocol, a-BFT), IoTA (Local consensus) and ECSMID (benevolent Cryptography; 2048 bits encryption derived from AES), has successfully resolved over 16 problems identified in the current blockchain space.

This is a highly profitable inter-blockchain, mobile-to-mobile (Mo2Mo), IoT-to-Mobile (I2M), Mobile-to-IoT (M2I), and IoT-to-IoT (I2I) security infrastructure which does not rely on any third party vendor or server. We feature some of the most advanced technologies in the industry. This qualifies LokChain to the membership of Blockchain 4.0 (4th Generation BCT) family.

Lokcoin (LCN), is a native cryptocurrency designed to work seamlessly on LokChain platform and open to cross -over to alternative blockchain platforms. LCN is to be issued as proposed on the public NEM mosaic-- Smart asset compliant token. LokChain team will integrate its existing “wallet” function to hold LCN balances, and allow users to utilize the tokens on the LokChain platform shortly after the tokens are enacted. The LokChain protocol called zero knowledge proof triangle flow (ZT-Flow) is being developed for implementation on its own open source blockchain. We have backed up the token life cycle with a smart hub infrastructure project of $400M+. We are not just building a platform but will engage in staving off cryptocurrency inflation and manipulation with the approach that guarantees market security. This means that the token value will be derived from the amount of money raised against the project cost.

When the project is fully completed then we can say that the ecosystem of a smart city is fully converged to maximum profit. It will be a critical point for all contributors.

In the current state of art, IoT and blockchain integration is based on public key infrastructure (PKI) cryptography. There is no change in permission and role for users, vendors, mobile nodes and IoT devices. This implies a continuous breach of privacy. On the contrary secret key infrastructure (SKI) used in lokchain emphasizes total data encryption, secure data life cycle (s-DLC), total privacy, perpetual ownership and total autonomy at rest/transient

SKI features a clear use of attributes and profiles where each of these holds its own autonomy. Attributes are what you are, what you know and what you have e.g Name, address, imei, drivers license, biometrics and etc. SKI changes plain attributes into encrypts. A collection of encrypts represent a Data Nucleus Aggregate (DNA). Sets of 16 or more of these attributes build a profile. A collection of these profiles are called Digital Data Nucleic Authority (DDNA). SKI makes certain that the Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability and Privacy are maintained in a serverless and decentralized blockchain environment. Identity Access Management (IAM) is easier to handle. Majority of the IoT devices can now communicate one-on-one in an intelligent manner by using DNA.

This kind of change will attract more participants, reshape market rules and create entirely new business models. LokChain is especially designed for mobile, IoT, businesses and the marketplace. The platform consists of a blockchain based “virtual machine” and defined modules, middleware and software stacks in serverless modes. It supports decentralized processes governed by smart asset residing on the platform’s web based software and application stacks.

About LokChain

LokChain is a hybrid Distributed Ledger Technology which taps NEM (Smart asset), Hashgraph (Gossip protocol, a-BFT), IoTA (Local consensus) and ECSMID (IoT benevolent Cryptography; 2048 bits encryption derived from AES). We didn’t need to reinvent much in the wheels. We took the best features from the best of the best and added a few more advanced features of our own. This qualifies LokChain to the membership of Blockchain 4.0 (4th Generation BCT) family.

LokChain Platform is a brainchild of LokDon Technology. It is a startup in South Carolina, USA. This platform is one of many uses of this unique technology from multi-national group of consultants specialized in secure Software and Hardware development.

Our unique leadership body is a clear, rigorous directives for an ever-evolving influence that abounds in every business region at all levels. Consequently, our leadership team reflects a group of internationally diverse individuals with breadth and depth of experience across the foundation. More so, we focus on using AI, ML, Distributed Ledger System and other derived or similar technological features to spawn a new way of confirming transactions in the digital era.

As a software/hardware technology development startup focusing on security applications for mobile, computers and IoT devices. We want to use Distributed Ledger System for eTransaction -LokChain to reach our goals. We are hoping to solve the future problems arising from billions of internet nodes and devices remaining constantly online.


  1. Turn disorder into secure governance based on permission and individual volition
  2. Turn IoT devices into secure autonomous blockchain entities of things of values.
  3. Turn rural economies and manufacturing into the most secure transactions for wealth creation.
  4. Turn blockchain STO into media of building developmental projects in emerging markets.
  5. Turn the world’ largest business incubator into an innovation complex for Industrie 4.O.

Why LokChain?

We chose to demonstrate this innate need to solve complex problems by building the platform from bottom up. We are building LokChain to resolve many problems inhibiting the growth of most blockchain applications. We know that It is possible to have a commitment scheme that is both perfectly hiding and perfectly binding with LokChain. We didn’t need to reinvent much in the wheels. We took the best features from the best of the best and added a few more advanced features of our own. These qualified lokchain to the membership of Blockchain 4.0 (4th Generation BCT) family. This new technology (BC) must recognize as viable these identified solutions: